Garden umbrella

As the sun peeps through the pillows of fluffy clouds, and the temperature escalates, you know it’s time to cuddle the energetic spirit of summertime! Tell me a better way to kickstart the season of sun and fun than by creating your own contemporary oasis with a garden patio umbrella?

We have evolved from the days where a simple towel and beach umbrella were sufficient by the waterside. The current trend is a stylish oasis, nurtured with vibrancy and customisation. Unwinding by the pool or organising an outdoor grill session. Follow the handbook below to add stars to your oasis with garden umbrellas:

  1. Finding the Perfect Spot: The easiest way to find the perfect spot to place your garden umbrella is to know where you spend most of your time and the sun shines the brightest. Whether it is a poolside cabana, or your courtyard. Be on the lookout for existing surroundings. Utilise it as the perfect inspo to enrich the vibe and harmonise the get-up.
  2. Upgrade the outdoor Aesthetic: Nature is the best canvas for any outdoor haven. Assimilate earthy shades of garden umbrellas or muted hues to add a touch of trend to your oasis that matches your ethics.
  3. Play with Pigments and Designs: Leave those apprehensions and add a splash of tint. Pick your garden patio umbrella from bold to neutral and soft to vibrant hues. Soothing tones add a classic and beautiful touch. Try and complement the current shades in your space to uplift the aura and establish an in-vogue energy.
  4. Build a Homely Space: Apart from appeal, garden patio umbrellas are the fundamentals to building a homely space. Investing in top notch garden umbrellas help you to bask in your outdoor space throughout the year, irrespective of the weather conditions. Organising a barbeque to beat the chilly weather, summer brunch dining, or a high-tea rendezvous. A strategically positioned outdoor garden umbrella makes for a homely spot for you and your loved ones.
    FACT: Outdoor umbrellas are ancient equipment that provide protection from the sun. However, the beliefs from ancient civilizations are dated back from several centuries ago, such as in Egypt, Greece, and China.
  5. Set the Tone: Different kinds of garden umbrellas can set various moods to create a trendy vibe. Adapt a mix of classic and modern sophistication to add warmth and vibe to your space. Play around with various settings to create an ethereal atmosphere that revolutionises your space.
  6. Signature Style: Blend your magical personal touches to your zen space. Be it the sleek lines of a cantilever umbrella or the unique feel of a pagoda umbrella, which speaks about your personality. Choose the colour and panache that blend seamlessly with your current decor. These small detailings can make your space warm and alluring.
  7. Considering a Gathering Space: Garden umbrellas are the perfect pop prop for your space. By providing shields from the sun and adding fun elements around like comfortable seating or bean bags, it transforms into an inviting and innovative space.
  8. Ensure Efficiency: Efficiency and staying in trend are guiding companions. A good quality garden patio umbrella goes a long way. Invest in the best garden umbrella. If you are looking for a snuggly corner to relax or an outdoor area to party under the sun. Outdoor garden umbrellas help you conquer just that. Equip your oasis with goggles, sunscreen, the best garden umbrella in Hyderabad at Urbane, and beverages to cool you off when the sun soars high in the sky.

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