Outdoor garden bench

Imagine feeling the brush of a perfectly warm breeze in your garden, the flowers beautifully blooming and the chirping sounds of the bird. Our mind and body craves its own tranquillity, doesn’t it? It is time to hug the ethereal feel of the outdoors. An outdoor space can be created in so many ways – spiritually, aesthetically, rustically. The world is your canvas my friend! Tell me a better way of welcoming sunshine mixed with warmth. Your private space can be your own little get away if designed the right way. Transport yourself into your own outdoor heaven with the inclusion of an alluring and rustic modern garden bench.

  • Identifying the Ideal Setting: The foremost step is to find that perfect corner for your outdoor wooden garden bench. The ideal spot is what makes the first major difference in the entire setting. Whether it is cradled under the pretty sky, facing your beautiful garden or placed on a warmth giving patio, a garden bench is the game changer.
  • Immersing in Nature: Nature plays the role of a principal ingredient when you connect it to an outdoor space retreat. Surround yourself with the cooling ambiance of nature. Enclose yourself with things that provide solace such as hanging pots, climbing plants, mesmerising colourful plants and aromatic home grown aromatics to create a natural retreat. Blending in other elements such as bird feeding stands or a water sculpture like spray fountain can extend an invitation to the wildlife habitat in your outdoor oasis. 
  • Enriching Relaxation: To make your outdoors a more comfortable and cosy retreat, it is vital to add calming components. Stack your outdoor wooden garden bench with comfy outdoor cushions and throw velvet thin shawls to create a warm and embracing atmosphere. Vibrant or colour contrasted cushions make for a great decor to the modern garden bench. You can also add a backless garden bench which is chic and timeless to amp up the feel of the outdoor space. 
  • Illuminating the Road: Maintain the vibe of comfort and tranquillity in the sunset hours by merging soft lighting which sets a beautiful tone for the evening. Fairy lights be it white, golden or colourful. They add a magical touch to the appearance and ambience. Elegant lanterns, hanging pendant lights and floor lamps can be added to make the vibe youthful and soulful at the same time. A fireplace can also add life to the outdoor soul! This will not only warm up your outdoor space but also make it enchanting.
  • Handcrafted Details: Your outdoor space is incomplete without a personal touch which would illustrate your personality and panache. Be it personalised frameworks, customised neon light frames that convey any message, handmade art works, or quotes inspired dynamic wall pieces. Adding a personal touch can completely transform your space and bring zest to it, giving the feel of belongingness.


1. Consistent Tidying: 

  • A mild soap and water can be used regularly to clean outdoor furniture. This removes residue, contaminants and filth. 
  • For challenging smudges, use a specialised cleaner according to the material of the outdoor furniture. 
  • Rinsing well with water ensures the soap foam is removed completely.

2. Defend against Whether Conditions: 

  • Allocate covers for furniture to shield your outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions such as rain, dust storms and snow.
  • If you can, put away the smaller pieces of furniture indoors when weather conditions do not permit and when not in use. 

3. Administer Protective Finishings: 

  • Depending on what material is your outdoor furniture made of, you can use protective coatings such as sealing agents, lacquers and resin which help in protection from moisture and UV damage.
  • Follow the suggestion from the seller so that you get the right momentum to keep the outdoor modern garden bench sparkling. 

4. Insect Repair: 

  • Often check on any kinds of wear off or damages. Choose cleaning products custom built for outdoor furniture to avoid potential damage.
  • The furniture should be completely dry to avoid mould and fungus.

In conclusion, modern garden benches are the touch of sophistication and finesse. To fulfil your wish of outdoor furniture. You are just one click away as Urbane provides the convenience of buying outdoor wooden garden benches online. Transform your outdoor space into your very own tranquil where you illuminate every corner with Urbane – where perfection and vibe go hand in hand!

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