Picture yourself swaying to and fro in the calmness of your surroundings. This is the charm a swing chair holds. It is beyond a piece of furniture. Apart from the style quotient, swing chairs also add depth and character to your zen space. They amplify moments of leisure and lounging. Let us get transported into the world of swing chairs and how they transform spaces into your favourite hanging out spot –

1. The Outdoor Nirvana: Outdoor spaces are the best for a swing set. Be it a lush greenery covered lawn, sun-soaked balcony or an intimate terrace. A garden swing set, suspended with sturdy frames or a swing chair hanging from the tough branch of a tree gives the perfect mix of functionality and trend. Choosing weather-resistant materials like rattan or wicker to ensure safe maintenance. Throw velvet, comfy stuffed cushions in fresh colours or quirky patterns to add character and warmth to rejuvenate and refresh.

2. Indoor Haven: Myth: Swing chairs are only for outdoors. Fact: Swing sets are where you want them to be! Knowing your indoor space is vital to place the swing chair in the perfect cocoon. Put a hanging swing chair in the corner of your master bedroom or a rope hammock swing. Team it with a velvety feather light quilt, a calming night bulb and your group of favourite comics for the utmost indoor haven experience. 


3. Wholesome and Playful Vibe: Channelize kid’s energy through best swing sets. Perfect for the tiny ones who are fond of playing. Customise and install a kid-size swing chair in your green space or hall to create an enchanting zone where kids can let their innocent imaginations run wild. Go for vibrant colours and playful emblems like florals or animals to ignite their imagination. Ensure that you opt for a swing chair kid-safe with features like chains or strong ropes to have an ease while they are at play.

4. Free Spirited Sophistication: For those who love to be free spirited and go by vintage inspired decor or boho-flair, a swing set is an essential embellishment. Make your space ethereal and mesmerising by adding a hammock with fine-tuned fringes, braidings or weave patterns. Combine it with a ground-hugging lounge room table, small sized cushions and a blend of classic rugs for a personal and welcoming feel. Play with fairy lights or cool toned lamps to make the whole look and feel come alive. This sets the tone of the aura which is absolutely ideal for chilling or having company over.

Whether you are looking for a snuggly space for solo relaxation or building a niche for book reading. A swing chair is the perfect way to bring comfort and panache to your most-loved arenas. With an array of options to choose from, you are spoilt for choice! Outdoor friendly materials, kids safe varities, and vintage like styles, there is a swing chair to cater to your diverse preferences and zones. 

Garden outdoor swings can be your best companions when you crave solo time. Solo time on a swing is extremely underrated. Wait till you try it. It is sure to be your heavenly escape. 

You can go for a 2 seater garden swing chair if you are looking for quality time with your partner. Set the atmosphere with low lighting and let the cool breeze teleport you to the zone of comfy. 

The world of swing chairs goes far beyond designs and motifs. They are a separate realm of comfort and relaxation. Add a statement area to your home and get carried away in the arenas of warmth, lounging and relaxation. Get the best outdoor furniture in Hyderabad, exclusively at Urbane.

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